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and control is absolutely crucial. and now, we have a new technology. we understand much better how we can interact at a distance. we must, as well, deploy some demand and control elements. and how we can empower, i who say, the strategy corporal in the field, with the new technology. so we have a lot of things. in terms of the country as well. and certainly in the air/land domain, how we work again better together. we improve the efficiency. and the keys are the joint intellnnceg of everything. and afterwards, selective measures, selective effects to reach the best level of efficiency, i would say, on the realm, depending on the effects that we are really expecting from those system, those people, those men and women. >> you just had an industry day. have you been going around the world to try to solicit the best ideas from industry. you just got back from istanbul. what were you looking for, from industry, what do you want to see from industry? >> well, what i would see, that was a clear outcome of istanbul, a nato forum, it is more interaction with us in preparing the future. everybody
that technology. we'll go from new york to detroit. the motor city officially going through bankruptcy. a judge yesterday gave detroit the green light to file for chapter nine bankruptcy protection ruling it is unable to pay $18 billion in debt. there is a march 1st deadline for the reorganization plan to be filed. the emergency manager is expected to have a fresh draft next month. >>> outgoing mayor dave bing says it's a chance to put the city on a new course. >> we're going to have to fight. our fight has to be together. if we have a future as far as our children and grandchildren are concerned, we have to fix the problem now. we can't continue to kick that can down the road and not make tough decisions. >> those tough decisions include the city's pensions. the judge ruled billions of dollars in pensions could be cut even though michigan's constitution prohibits cuts to pensions. the state's largest employee union already filed an appeal. the ruling could have implications across entire country for retirees already struggling to make ends meet. >> we have the american dream that if you work l
is with the department for better technology, a presidential innovation fellow. he's been the person i have been following most closely in analyzing the website. so, clay, looking at the website today, hearing the administration's updates yesterday, what's your sense of how far things have come and what does it tell us about how bad things were? >> well, it's a great deal of relief to me that the website seems to be up and operational. i tried it out earlier. i'm on the individual market as a small business owner, and so, i have to shop for my own health insurance, so i got a bit through it today. i'm just glad that the preposterous debate that the affordable care act should be judged by -- i mean,'s problems was an acquisition and procurement problem, not a health care problem. it's not like when we had butterfly ballot problems in florida, we decided to revert to monarchy. and we shouldn't, you know, sort of judge a health care policy based on, you know, what a website does. but for the ma part, i'm happy with where things are right now. >> here's what's interesti
] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine that optimizes raw data to help safely discover and maximize resources in extreme conditions. our current situation seems rather extreme. why can't we maximize our... ready. ♪ brilliant. let's get out of here. warp speed. ♪ >>> and in pretenders tonight, breaking news out of bismarck, north dakota. ron burgundy, the legend continues, as the anchor man stopped by kx news in north dakota. >> good evening, i'm amber shots. >> and i'm ron burgundy. >> you look lovely tonight. >> thanks, you too. >> are you married? >> no. >> well, i am. so don't get any ideas. no love lost between the rivalry between the -- >> it's not too often you can call a sheriff's deputy a dummy. and get away with it. answer even though i have. >> there is also movember for mustaches. >> i'm fond of those. >> yes. >> how long did it take you to grow that bad boy? >> this, about 20 minutes. >> impressive. >> you guys did a great job tonight. that was a good warm-up. >> if ron burgundy thinks there is any real news in bismarck, he can ke
to technology that could potentially i guess be harmful not to security but not allow us to have the private we want. i think that's going to be a whole other debate and this is just the beginning of that. >> i mean, when you heard jeff bezos say there's no reason that we can't use these, there is a reason. it's illegal not to rain on parade but it's currently illegal to do what amazon wants to do and tells a great deal but not only amazon and not to single them out. but a lot of corporations that look around at the world that binds most of us and the laws we have to follow as a private citizen, you get in a lot of trouble if you break the law. 60 minutes and charlie rose took it as a great new beginning that the faa will approve this kind of dhifrry -- >> do you think amazon won't be able to get the faa to make this -- >> that's not my point. not whether or not as a corporation they get out from under the current rules, which do bar this for a lot of good reasons, one of which is when you go into the sky like this, we don't necessarily want robotic unmanned delivery because of the risk. now th
25 years set to expire. there's new technology complicating the debate on capitol hill, a group called wiki weapons developed a program that lets you develop guns with a 3d printer in your own home. these rb tested. the atf found the first one they printed exploded but the second gun fired eight rounds of live ammo. these printed guns are invisible to metal detectors and that's what makes them illegal. so the '88 undetectable firearms act forbids any firearm that doesn't set off an x-ray machine or metal detector. gun owners can insert a metal part into any plastic gun to make it legal. but the idea of 3d printing has touched off a new controversy over the old ban. the house could simply extend the old ban for another ten years but some gun control advocates say that doesn't go far enough anymore. chuck schumer calls the house bill "better than nothing but not good enough. we absolutely must close the loophole that allows anyone to legally make a gun that could be rendered invisible to law enforcement." joining us today from capitol hill, covering today's expected vote, a couple
's important that we have someone whose job it is to focus specifically on the technology on the website. on doing what we need to do to get the and this will be the full time job. >> she there now and i don't have a departure date for him. we will make it for someone else. >> i want to get your reaction calling 2013 a lot of year for president obama. what say you? >> the president takes a long view of things as you know. i listen to your lead in and things that we didn't get background checks for guns passed and immigration reform. both of those are true, but we made a lot of progress. we would like to get both of those passed as soon as possible. in the end whether that happens in 2013 or 2014 would be better for everyone involved if it happens sooner rather than later. let's get it done and we made a lot of progress on the issues and continue to push it as long as it takes through the rest of the presidency. we are not looking at progress on perhaps the same calendar. >> fair enough. i'm going to leave it there. the communications director for the white house, thanks for coming out to
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are spending more money, we have more technology being put into education than ever before so we are doing something wrong and we need to figure out what it is. so what do we do with this information? >> there is a lot to learn from this. you know a very important point. if we are spending more. we are spending more than most of the countries in the world and we don't have enough to show for it. also the point is that radical change is possible. upstarred countries like finland and poland, they turn them around. they are using high standard and high regard for teachers. perhaps most hearting for the u.s. we are told many of these countries turning themselves around are using innovation that started in the u.s. but it's not just ideas, it's many implementation. martha: there are so many factors at play here. we'll talk about it in a good debate coming up. so we ask everybody to stick around. good to see you. bill: fox news alert. minutes from now house speaker john boehner on the obamacare reboot. you will see this in a matter of minutes as soon as it starts. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it s
marry that us versus them with modern technology in the fact you can speak discreetly to your own crew and stoke up your own crew, wave the flag with them, and you have the tone of the republican party today. they're largely speaking to themselves. >> yeah. and on occasion they get caught, sam. one thing i've noticed here the way howard pointed that out is yes john cornyn was a regular conservative republican until ted cruz became his running mate. driving out of circulation, it seems. >> yeah. well, listen. this is a complex matter. because to cornyn and others' credits, they were warning there would be people that would be left off of their plans or forced to cancel plans. a lot of the problems we're seeg they did warn about. however, they are taking these criticisms to a different extreme. it's one thing to warn about the rollout, about a sloppy website, about people who have canceled coverage. it's another thing to warn about big government intrusions. keep in mind, the individual mandate was a conservative idea chocked up on the heritage foundation. it's not like this was a theory
or is this constant 24-7 campaign we are always in that is a by product of this media world with the technology moving and they are getting more power? >> a sign of the times. you look at the level of partisanship and the media that exists, this is again, i can't emphasize enough, we are living in unprecedented times. the productivity is really bad. the potential good news is they can pass a lot of this stuff next year. the congress doesn't end until 2014. we will see what they do next year. >> it's harder in an election year and with all the upgrades we had, it brought congress to a screeching halt. too many people had too many things for all sorts of stuff. fascinating. much more ahead here on "the daily rundown." we are on the scene as fast food workers protested in more than 100 cities demanding a wage hike. new do you means allege toronto mayor rob ford went to the buffalo bills mayor and may have tried to buy the video of himself smoking crack cocaine before it could become public. the latest leak from edward snowden said they are gathering billions of cell phone roars every day. that's coming u
on cyber monday. elsewhere, comcast owner of our channel, of course, adding new technology to basic video on demand service. they are building new ads on old episodes. that could increase revenue from video owe dune manned. >> people are experimenting all over the place with drones. looks like amazon, we saw dominos try to deliver pizza with drones. maybe amazon is expecting to deliver the goods via drone. tell us all about this. >> this is about the octocopter. what they're going to do send small packages and most of the packages are below 2.3 kilograms from distribution centers to customers. this will be a 30-minute service air, prime air. a amazon prime air is the service. i was skeptical about it. i think i'm going to give baez yoez credit for this onement he says this could be up and running within a couple years or so. >> he has to get approval. there are jokes on twitter, you better watch out for the fedex and ups guys trying to shoot the drones out of the air because it will take their business away. thank you very much. we will see you tomorrow. >>> let's go back to the weekend.
probably won't introduce what he calls octocopters for a few years. and comcast is testing technology to insert new ads into older episodes of tv shows that people watch on demand. that could help the parent of nbc universal and other networks generate a little more ad revenue. and we are always in favor of that. back to you. >> all right. thank you. >>> well, scrambled politics is straight ahead clen the rnc's bizarre tribute to rose why parks. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ooh, homemade soup! yeah... [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. just like yours. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love this show. [ male announcer ] try campbell's homestyle soup. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love this show. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare. ♪ by the end of december, we'll be delivering ♪ ♪ through 12 blizzards blowing ♪ 8 front
with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare. >>> and now it's time for your "first look" at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." new jersey governor chris christie is forcefully denying that he's flipped his position on immigration. he ran his 2013 re-election campaign in support of legislation to provide instate tuition for young, undocumented students. the legislation commonly known as the dream act is about to be sent to his desk by the state legislature. but now, the governor says it goes too far and is refusing to sign it. on sunday, "the star ledger," new jersey's largest newspaper, accused christie of flip-flopping. the editorial board cited his 2016 presidential ambitions. >>> the republican-led house is expected to approve a ten-year extension today to an existing ban on plastic guns. these are weapons made from so-called 3d printers that go undetected by metal detectors. democrats say they'll back the plan, but some say they favor making that ban permanent. >>> washington, d.c.'s mayor could have a bumpy road towards re-el
automatically slowed it down if it was going too fast. that technology exists. it's called positive train control. >> if this technology was in place, would this accident have happened? >> probably not. it allows a central computer to recognize that the train is going too fast and automatically slow it down. >> reporter: it's widely used in europe, but its development has been stalled in the u.s. experts hope this crash will be a wakeup call. but tonight the focus is on that train operator. investigators say his blood alcohol tests came back negative. so tonight, diane, the big question, did he fall asleep. >> gio benitez reporting in for us. thank you, gio. >>> now tonight we want to tell you about a new outbreak of dangerous meningitis on a second college campus. on the east coast you remember that first scare at princeton university but tonight two schools are on opposite sides of the country. here's dr. richard besser on the four students infected at the university of california in santa barbara. >> reporter: aaron loy, a healthy freshman lacrosse player, was rushed to the hospital by
jazeera, kabul, afghanistan. >> the world's biggest technology companies are demanding to u.s. surveillance laws. they have written an open letter to president obama and they say the government needs to preserve people's trust in the internet. what are they demanding and are they proposing reforms. >> reporter: that's a good question, but first what they're demanding from the u.s. government is five principles to be respected. the core principles is the end to the mass data collecting. we've learned from edward snowdon is the collecting and storing. they say that has to end. there has to be more of a legal framework and more accountability and transparency about these operations. they're very worried. these internet companies say they're worried as a result customers around the world simply aren't going to use their services if there is going to be a direct line to the government. as you suggested there are questions that aren't addressed. for stars, why do these companies collect so much information about us in the first place. maybe if they didn't collect so much informat
for the 3d technology in the senate. what is going to happen this week? >> i think what is going to happen is the senators that want to go further, who say this is not enough and the issue of 3d printed guns needs to be dealt with, they'll make that position on but they'll pass the house bill at the end of the day. everyone admits that's better than nothing and the reality, the sad depressing reality is if y you have to get the nra support to pass any gun bill. i think that's what's going to happen at the end of the day. >> part of the sort of political strategy of this is i think is one of the reason -- chuck schumer has been talking about making this a one-year extension. the idea being maybe if you extend it for a year, it comes up after the 2014 elections and then maybe you can pick up -- we're hearing about the republicans who are scared of tea party primary challenges. maybe then you can -- after the election, you can pick them off in the lame duck session. it is a strategy to maybe get more comprehensive gun legislation then. is that -- you start looking at the futility of the last
to this technology that many say can be used for a dangerous reason. >> a lot of these types of issues will flare up as we see the word advance. there were no iphones or twitter. we're using at the fast tech no logical pace. you would think congress would have to confront something similar to this in the near future. it is hard to say it will considering how fast 3d printing is going and folks are making stuff on internet out of it. >> who would have imagined ten years ago that this would be available. >> it is quite remarkable. >> reporter: take care. >> new developments on the train derailment in new york, we're learning the train engineer recently started a new shift. we'll have the latest on that and keeping an eye on this live event. the president rolling out if you will a new turn for the health care law. we're looking at kathleen sebelius sitting front row and bring ut remarks live. ily...shes in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. [ dad ] tide
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-term political fixes, then they would be in a much tougher spot. but because it was a technological problem, they can flood the zone with a bunch of engineers and techies and mostly fix it. you know, the site does seem to be working a lot better. >> and it does seem to be that the prices in fact aren't too high, the facts are contrary. the other piece of good news is that "the new york times" headline said the cost of health care seems to be decreasing. premiums will beni 9% lower so m guessing that's what we'll hear from the president. >> absolutely. and you hear anecdotally about people getting through on the website or being eager to sign up for expanded medicaid so you see democrats making a gamble that those good news stories can drown out some of the bad news stories. there's probably always going to be glitches and people who have problems and inherent in the way this law works, there are going to be people who have higher costs than they otherwise would or than they did before, but the hope is that more people are benefitting and that those people's voices are going to drown out the
. on this cyber monday, amazon announces its next big idea to get packages to your doorstep. could the technology be here sooner than you think? and is it a good idea? >>> and best play ever. reaction still pouring in to what people are calling the greatest end to a sporting event in history. >> an answered prayer. >> so was it? the great debate today, monday, 3 f2nds and all o3 f2 f23 f23 f2 33 f2 >>> 3 f2 >>> era un hombre amistoso,3 f22 3 f23 c13 f23 f2 3 f2 f3 f2 >>> 3 3 f23 f2 3 f2 f23 f2 f2 f2 33 f2 3 c1 train. >> we want to take a second to remember one of our own. jim lovell. an audio technician part of our nbc family and part of every concert we had on the plaza. he was on his way into rockefeller center to rehearse and prepare for the lighting of the christmas tree when the crash happened. man that always did his job with grace even under extreme pressure. he was working tirelessly with a smile on his face. in the words of his son finn, words can't express how much my father meant to me. rest easy, dad. i love you. and all of us here at nbc share those sentiments with the lovell family.
. of course, fedex delivers millions of packages and are they concerned about amazon's new drone technology in a statement to fox they tell us, while we can not speculate about this particular technology but i can say making every customer experience outstand something our priority and anything we do from a technology standpoint will be with that in mind, jon. so, very interesting response there they don't seem terribly concerned right now but, hey, we may see drone technology in the future. a little bit more information on fedex. look at some busy packages we saw this morning a truck heading out. it was thousands of package that is were shipped out this morning across the area. 90,000 trucks have been deployed across the country today including hundreds of trucks from this bronx facility. a staggering number of packages you see, because 131 million cyber monday shoppers will actually make a lot of their purchases off their mobile phones. one in five will actually do that. so if you do the math, the 22 million packages that fedex is processing today on this record-breaking history, historic
as is yesterday. some senate democrats argue that dangerous new technology has rendered it obsolete. >> those in favor say i. those opposed, no. >> the bill the house passed tuesday prohibits the manufacture of guns that contain less than 3.7 ounces of metal. renewing a ban dating back to 1988. democrats say that leaves a loophole that needs to be closed. a plastic gun with detachable metal parts could be disassemble disassembled they say. the ban needs to require all guns require a piece of metal that cannot be removed. >> gun right supporters say you're creating a problem now. >> who wants to be the first every person person to be injured or killed by a bullet fired by a plastic gun? nobody. why don't we protect the american people from that possibility. >> the national rifle association says the nra strongly opposes any expansion of the fire arms act. >> the debate took on significance this year after a texas man, cody wilson managed to build a mostly plastic gun using a home 3d printer. the state department was so concerned others might try it they ordered him
. for technology and to have her voice and all the pictures and the videos and the things that we have even from when she was younger. i'm so grateful. >> is it too painful to watch them or do you watch them? >> i watch them. we have a rule. she doesn't want me to watch them at night before bed. it's hard. i feel like i know she would want us to watch them and enjoy them and she would always say to me, mommy, you have to be strong. you have other kids. i keep hearing what she said to me. really she just is propelling us forward with this whole live wise fund. >> even when she got the diagnosis, she remained strong in the face of this. >> she did. she rarely had times of being down. >> rarely complained. i can't remember her complaining at all to me at least. she was always so positive. she wouldn't want us to cry. she said don't be sad. she wanted us all to be happy and enjoy our time together. >> you mentioned the live wise fund. explain what it is for people who don't know. >> we started a fund a couple months ago and her name to raise money for brain cancer research. we changed it and it goes
's a problem and i've got to find a way to block? >> well, you know, i'm not against technology, so i'm not one of those people who says airplanes is really a bad thing. there will be air traffic control issues. my problem is more with surveillance for privacy reasons, so i'm worried about the government looking into our backyard. also worried about companies looking in our windows. i have said previously, this has nothing to do with amazon, but that the rules on peeping toms will have to be applied to higher technology. there has to be a certain extension of your privacy. not only your house, but your yard and the things you do that people shouldn't be able to observe all the time. there will have to be rules on private entities, but most particularly, the government looking at our activities. >> we also learned this week another revelation from edward snowden, that the nsa collects records on cell phones. four billion cell phone records outside the country every day and they can track where those cell phones are so they can track where people are. how severely would you like to restrict the s
, bluetooth technology and sounds mini jam box, a great speaker system. >> an electronic basketball. really an eyeball. how do you improve a basketball with technology? >> for the sport lover who loves basketball and wants to be a great basketball player on their high school team or in college, this is incredible. this is called the smart basketball from $94.50. improve dribbles intensity, shooting arm. gives you instant feedback because it has technology built into the basketball you use with a smartphone and can see exactly why you missed that shot. it was all built into the basketball. >> pay $100 for the basketball, but it's better. >> it's better and will make you a better basketball player. from $94.50. tucker's cynical, but we're going on. >> actually, for the next month, put tucker to the basketball challenge. [ humming the globetrotter's theme song ] >>> and tax your christmas tree. we're not kidding all r. all the appalls details. stay tuned. >>> and the family of a fallen veteran shocked to see his picture pop up on dating websites. how does that happen and can they fight back? o
the curve, which has a speed limit of 30 miles per hour. experts say that technology already exists that could potentially prevent accidents like this one. a system called positive train control or ptc uses sensors and gps to track the trains movements. a computer can acty vat the breaks if they are going too fast. amtrak is already using it on some lines but congress wants to mandate it on many lines by 2015, including metro north, the line involved in yesterday's deadly derailment. here's how survivors of the crash describe the chaos in the moments before and after the accident. >> as we were going over, i looked at my two and screamed at my two friends that were going over. i couldn't believe it. i was in shock. >> it was when it went around the curve, i actually looked up. i knew it was going way too fast. >> screaming and people crying out, god and asking for families. it was pretty gruesome. >> kristen dahlgren has the latest on the investigation. what's the update on the two people in control of the train who are being interviewed here? >> reporter: yeah, the conductor and en
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know, the fact of the matter is, is that this is technology. it is going to be fixed. there are people working on it. and you know, i would rather be the one who helps uninsured get insured and help reduce the medical inflation for people and help them get good coverage than the one who is complaining about it. >> what are your colleagues? i'm really confused about what republicans are going to do? i guess they will vote to repeal again -- what are your colleagues going to do for the rest of this congress which is nearing its mid-way point. >> well, we haven't done very much at all. as a matter of fact, speaker boehner said he wanted to be judged not on the laws he passed but on the laws he repealed, he has not re peeled any of them. although he has tried. we would like to appeal to their better nature if we could. if we could get something done on immigration, that would be awesome. if we could lift the sequester and put forth a budget that could get people back to work, that would be good. i'm not cynical -- >> i'm not cynical either, in this universe in which we live, you and some o
drivers. but this train that derailed was not equipped with that technology. >>> i may feel like february where you are or it's about toment a winter storm is making its way east through the western half of the u.s. and it's bringing bitter temperatures and in some cases, 40 degrees below normal. parts of colorado are expecting up to 18 inches of snow by thursday. a whopping 30 inches of snow are reported at idaho's saddle mountain. right now parts of ten states are under winter storm warnings including the dakotas where wind chills of negative 40 degrees are expected by the week's end. forecasters say the storm itself expected to spread as far south as texas by the weekend and then it will turn east. >>> $18 billion in red. the city of detroit gets the go ahead to file for bankruptcy. in the ruling tuesday, the federal judge said this one is proud and prosperous city cannot pay debts. it also has an opportunity for a fresh start. it's the first time a court ruled pensions could be reduce the despite a state constitutional ban. but it's not just detroit where pensions are at risk. chicago
'm blushing on this one. why you are looking at me? microsoft might be looking into the technology for a smart bra. >> yeah. you heard of smart watches, smart glasses, but now microsoft is taking wearable tech to new extremes with that start bmart in the works. it would use sensors to track skin sensitivity and when she is at risk of emotional eating. i am reading that they tried to develop a wearable sort of underwear for men but it was too far from the heart. >> seinfeld, the bro. of course. everyone needs a little support. thank you, kayla. we'll see you soon. other news to get to before i lose it. norman rockwell painting just set a new record. saving grace. sold yesterday for $46 million at an auction in new york city. according to sotheby's, it's a record for any american painting. two people went back and forth for about nine minutes ratcheting up the price. it was supposed to go for 15 to 20. it was not revealed who the buyer was. the previous record was $27.7 million for a george bellows painting. two other rock we will paintings sold for $11 million combined. we waited too long to ge
. extraordinarily, darrell issa yesterday said that he had testimony that apparently a large internet technology company offered the federal government, we will build your site for free. and the federal government passed on it. who was it? i was reading on-line, it was probably ibm because i think in 2010, the ceo was talking about yeah, we offered the federal government to build it for them, but they passed. think about that. we could have saved a billion dollars. it could have been done by ibm, the gold standard in that kind of technology and we passed. what? well, maybe there is no incentive in washington to save money or do it right. >> and david kennedy, who you heard from, he's a white house hacker, he went on to compare obamacare web site with and he said, how would you rate -- he was asked, how would you rate amazon in terms of security? he gave them a 10. and he went -- he said that the obamacare web site, he'd give about a 2 in terms of security. these are experts, saying they're spending too much money for the formula. let us know what you think about that. obamacare isn't
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na crash in san francisco. the question is, is is too much technology to blame? >> her we go again, four days until the dead loan to get a budget deal down. are we facing another government shutdown? (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. budget deal down. budget deal down. >> welcome back to "new day," everyone. pilot error may be the result of a report, they are relying on cockpit computers by the pilots. we are taking a look at this. allison, what more are you hearing from this report? >> the ntsb is having a report coming out on tuesday. it will be a
with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare. >>> well, brookstone, the purveyor of all things gadgets. whether buyers are clicking and ordering them or just dropping into brookestone stores to nab them. what might be holding them back. we're hearing stories been people who are shopping but not going nuts. >> we had tremendous results over the black friday weekends. was working three or four different stories on thursday and friday. >> really. >> we were open thursday. we had 100 stores that were open from the evening hours through the night, and what i saw -- >> your family -- >> they were actually enjoying an evening of -- they went down the in-laws. the teams in the stores were fired up to be there, the malls were jammed and people were in an incredible spirits. what i saw was a lot of families out shopping together. everybody was in a great mood. >> shopping and everybody was in a great mood? >> as a familiar. >> were they drinking. >> i daytona see any drink -- i didn't see any drinking. >> to the crowds were out but weren't buying a
with technology because where it stands right now if you have access to a 3d printer and you can download files from the web, you can make one of these plastic guns and it is available to almost anyone. >> the lock is up with technology. we have 3d printers that can make plastic guns. i have nothing against 3d printers. but i do have something against making terrorists and criminals to get those guns more accessible. >> will begin 90 minutes from now. jenna: it is understandable the argument against making these weapons legal, is in opposition, where does that come from? >> there is no opposition, the question is what should this legislation look like in 2013. if it renews as it is, it is meeting the class weapons are made there is a metal piece inserted into them but could be easily removed. some are advocating for change in the legislation making the metal part an integral part of the firing mechanism so once it is out of the weapon, it cannot be fired as a traditional weapon in that sense. so the metal part is not just cosmetics, it would have a functional course which allows the authorities
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cars with more technology packed in them. >> much here aspiration to buy certain cars. a that younger generation doesn't have that passion and it's more about getting from a to b and have more passion about what is in the car, like entertainment systems. >> the group most likely to buy a car now is 55 to 64. >> so, our parents can give us a ride. we love them for that. thank you. >> no problem. >> for all they have done for america, a huge show of gratitude is set to kick off, and it has to do with a plan to lay holiday wreaths for our veterans. here's last year as we remembered those who sacrificed during the holy season. ♪ oh, holy night, the stars are brightly shining ♪ ody in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympts. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily phy
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. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® [ woman ] the technology in these pads... best creation ever! [ female announcer ] always infinity. the only pad made with foam not fluff so mind-blowingly thin, you'll be surprised it's up to 55% more absorbent. genius. always infinity. like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. >>> he is leaving such a legacy that he willing missed but emotionally and religiously he will be with us. and i think all we can do is pray for him and be able to thank him for all that he has done for human kind. because a man as truly great. he will be with us whether it's in body or just in mind. >> myrlie evers, the wife of medgar evers speaking here on "jansing and co." back in june about nelson mandela's legacy. in a statement following his death, mrs. evers said, quote, we are all students of mandela for he taught us about faith, perseverance, and devotion to one's ideals. morgan freeman, sydney
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technology to win a second term and now he finds himself having technology trip him up and it seems to have surprised even him. >> we'll see what happens. this is the top 10. go to and let us know who you think and on wednesday nancy and her team will reveal the person of the year 2013. >> i'll vote right now for pope francis. >> yeah. wow. okay. going right out there on a limb. >> why not. make the call. >> tamron, thank you very much. coming up, more on the winter storm and the power and travel problems being caused by it this morning. >> then on trending, a cheerleader that thinks she is messing up the routine and then gets a pretty heartwarming surprise. >> what new twists await fans of downton abbey. a look coming up. season four coming up. >>> all coming up after your local news and weather. hi! where did you come from? oh... sorry. welcome to petsmart! aren't you kris...? christmas shopping? uh... yes. i have a list of... good girls and boys? good treats and toys. okay... (announcer) at petsmart, we care as much about your pet's happiness as you do. that's why we offer a wi
day. only at with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. >> got some quick headlines for you on this monday morning. a faulty fuel supply may have doomed a police helicopter that smashed into a scottish public that killed at least eight people and injuring 32. authorities are focusing on mechanical injuries. >>> pope francis meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in rome later today. netanyahu expected to invite the poem to jerusalem which would -- invite the pope to jerusalem. netanyahu is in italy for the annual government conference. elisabeth, over to you. let's talk cyber monday. >> i love it. for nearly 170 million people are expected to shop on-line today, cyber monday. even though it is the holiday's most convenient holiday there are secrets to saving time and saving even more money. we have the cofounders of with tips. i know a ton of people are going to be on-line today but there is always th
'm not sure if you saw "60 minutes" last night, but amazon has a drone technology where you can order something and in a half hour -- they have incredible orders they take every hour. they even showed the drone that could deliver a five-pound package or less in a half hour or an hour and literally it goes off. you can see it there. this is the video. they have to get government approval. the earliest would be 2015 or '16. there it is. the amazon order. it goes from a distribution center to somebody's house. nice safe landing and right to your doorstep. a little bit more efficient. we are seeing the future. >> that's incredible. if you were a kid and saw that, wouldn't you grab the drone? amazon, maybe the executive there needs to work for the government. his site handles 1.1 million viewers an hour. >> we spent hundreds of millions of dollars. they had three years to put it together. i don't think amazon one in business if they functioned this way. >> absolutely not. >> keep working on it. >> i will. i will read the responses, too. >> we'll monitor her progress throughout the hour. we
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